Welcome to Roleystone Community College.

Roleystone Community College provides a distinctively different educational experience than any other school in Western Australia. Being the largest District High School (K-10) in Western Australia, our college provides students with a bespoke education, from their entry into school through to the end of Year 10; preparing them to make the best decision possible for their senior secondary education. We provide a comprehensive education for all students in those age groups supported by our college values of Respect, Challenge and Contribute.

Nestled in a bushland setting, located 40 minutes from the Perth CBD and only 10 minutes from Kelmscott; the school provides all of the amenities of a city school with all of the benefits of a country community. Roleystone Community College is a community asset, and we have many opportunities for parents to be involved in the college through our P&C, College Board or college events.


Roleystone Community College provides an excellent breadth of opportunities for all students at the college. The college has an academic focus on ensuring all students progress and achieve to the best of their ability. This focus is driven through my four key beliefs that underpin my philosophies in education:


1. Presume positive intent. I am still to come across a situation where any teacher or member of the school community has deliberately done something to make things more difficult for a child at school. By presuming positive intent, problems can be addressed quicker and more efficiently.

2. All members of the school community should role model positive behaviours.

3. I work under a no deficit model. That is, we do not blame outside influences for why a student is not learning to the best of their ability.

4. Every student can and will progress at Roleystone Community College and it is the teachers’ and school leaders’ responsibility to ensure this progress occurs.


The setting of the college sees us well placed to live our college values


At Roleystone, every member of the college community will strive to be the best person they can be. I take the responsibility of ensuring this happens for all students very seriously, and look forward to engaging with all parents and students in this journey together.

I encourage prospective parents to sign up for a school tour to experience the “feel” of our college in person.


Kindest regards

Mark Brookes, Principal