Every parent and teacher wish to make transitioning to Kindergarten as smooth and stress free as possible. To support this process teachers have identified the following Key Early Developmental Capabilities that make transitioning to Kindergarten more likely to be successful.

Independence: Can/does your child…

  • Know when to go to the toilet and manage for themselves?
  • Can they carry their own bag?
  • Are they able to walk to school, car home without a pram?
  • Can they open and close their own lunchbox?
  • Can they find their own school bag?
  • Are they able to pack and unpack their school bag?
  • Are they able to put on and take off their own shoes and socks?

Motor Skills (gross and fine motor skills) Can your child...

  • Play on playgrounds?
  • Hang from Monkey Bars?
  • Lay on their stomach to watch TV?
  • Squeeze a spray bottle?
  • Use clothes pegs?
  • Help with cooking activities?
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Where every student is capable of successful learning

Most Importantly

Starting Kindergarten should be one of the most exciting and happy days of their young lives. It can however be very distressing if they are separating for the first time from their parents. To help them adjust to this start before school begins. Talk through the process of going to school and help them realise that you will leave but they will see you again when you come to pick them up. You can visit friends or family members and leave them for a day and tell them that this is what it is like at Kindergarten.