WAPBS - The Roley Way | WAPBS stands for Western Australian Positive Behaviour Support. It is used in schools around Australia and is a framework for teaching students how to use positive expected behaviours. 

At Roleystone, we embed PBS into our daily language by referring to the way we act at school as the ‘Roley Way’. We use our 3 school values of Respect, Challenge and Contribute to model and promote expected behaviours around our school. These are embedded in specific PBS lessons run by the classroom teachers throughout the year. The WAPBS team continually promote opportunities to encourage and motivate students to demonstrate expected behaviours.  Students have opportunities to collect Roley Points for showing Respect to others, Challenging themselves or Contributing to classroom and outdoor activities. Student points are collated and these work towards individual levelled certificates and house group end of term rewards. 

Our school mascot ‘Roley’ is often seen at school events and classes compete to find ‘Roley’ each week! The goal of WAPBS is to encourage students to demonstrate positive expected behaviours when at school which will then transfer to their everyday life.