Roleystone Primary School (First and Second Sites)

The first Primary School in Roleystone was opened in 1905 in a one roomed jarrah building on the corner of Holden Road and Brookton Highway. It was closed in 1909 due to low enrolments but re-opened for a short time in 1912.
A second site on Holden Road saw the re-opening of the primary school in 1922. This remained the site and was expanded in 1945.

Roleystone Primary School (Robin Road Site)

In 1956, the school moved to a new site in Robin Road as a four-room timber and asbestos building with 84 students. The school grew to enrolments of over 600 by 1978 which led to the planning of Roleystone District High School. Roleystone PS remained at this site until it closed at the end of 2011. Many of the current Roleystone community undertook their primary schooling at Roleystone Primary School on this site.

Roleystone District High School

Built in 1980, Roleystone District High School was built to an award-winning architectural design and was then a unique school catering for year 6&7 Primary and Year 8 to 10 Secondary students, removing the enrolment pressures on Roleystone PS.
It was one of the first schools in WA to be built to meet the needs of students in the middle years and was one of the precursors to many “middle schools” built in Western Australia.

Roleystone Community College

In 2012, Roleystone Primary School and Roleystone District High School amalgamated to form Roleystone Community College, an Independent Public School under a District High School model. Roleystone Community College has transformed to be the largest District High School in Western Australia.
Roleystone Community College now provides a holistic education for 760 Kindergarten to Year 10 students, providing a balance between high academic results and a focus on care to ensure that every child is successful.