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Roleystone Community College Uniform Policy

Roleystone Community College’s uniform policy was developed by the School Board in accordance with Department of Education and Training policy and guidelines on dress standards for students in public schools.

The wearing of school uniform is supported strongly by the Roleystone community and is a symbol of pride in the school. There is an expectation that students will comply with the dress requirements and that valuable school time will not need to be diverted to following up on breaches of school uniform policy.

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Parents indicate their support of the school uniform policy on their child’s enrolment form.

Under section 128C of the Education Act, the School Board determines, in consultation with the school community, a school uniform for students.

School uniform is a very important part of the Roleystone Community College ethos and tradition.

RCC Uniform is Navy, not Black. Leggings are NOT part of our school uniform, as voted on by the College Board.

RCC Beanies –can be worn at school but NOT in class, in classrooms, in assemblies or in briefings.
The only alternative is a plain navy beanie.

RCC Hats – the only hats allowed are the college cap or hat, or a Plain Navy hat. Hats CANNOT be worn in class, in classrooms, in assemblies or in briefings.

pdfRCC Student Uniform Requirements 2021.updated

pdfRoleystone Uniforms Info.pdf

Unisex uniform  Girls uniform   Sport Uniform

In a previous issue of our College Newsletter, Mr Brookes shared a statement regarding School Uniform. Please take a moment to read the attached PDF.


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

8.15 am – 9.30 am Fri (fortnightly)

You can still order on QKR and if volunteers are available we will attempt to send out those orders more frequently than fortnightly.

We desperately need volunteers for Stocktake on Thursday 28 July 9.00am – 12.00pm.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for your understanding, and if you'd like to volunteer a Friday morning every now and again, please let us know.

Obtaining the College Uniform.

New Telephone number during opening hours - 0476 887 506 

Outside of these times, orders and enquiries can be made to the uniform shop staff by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emails are responded to during opening hours.

We are happy to serve students if parents/caregivers aren’t able to get to the shop. Payments can be made directly into our account if you are concerned about sending cash in with your child.

Orders can also be placed via the QKR APP.

Orders are delivered to the Front Office, where the student is called to collect.  Pre-Primary and Kindy orders are delivered to the classroom.


We have full EFTPOS facilities at the shop.

Order forms are available at the link below and from the Front Office.

pdfuniform price list November 2021.pdf

Our account details are:

BSB:                     633000
Account no:         130455702
Account name:    RCC P & C
Bank:                   Bendigo Bank, Roleystone

Lost Property

HELP – There is already a number of items of lost property handed in at the front office. If your child has lost an item of uniform, please check this box and the boxes in the centre of each block ASAP.

Please remember to write names on all items of uniform so it can easily be returned to students should it go missing.