A unique and engaging Learning area participating in Specialist Science Classes in specialised Science laboratories


Primary Students get a hands on look at all things science through the use of Interactive whiteboards, microscopes as well as having regular visits from real world scientists. A focus of the school is on sustainability and this a message carried through strongly in science classes with students accessing our sustainable classroom. Secondary students engage in a hands on learning approach with students having the opportunity to be involved in the Science and Engineering Challenge. The Challenge is an outreach program conducted nationally by the University of Newcastle. It is designed to inspire students to study science and engineering at a senior level.

Each challenge day, up to 250 students participate in a series of exciting competitive activities. These activities are designed to demonstrate the varied and practical elements of a career in the science and engineering industries.

Students involved in the program at RCC work with real life scientists & engineers to get a full grasp on the practises involved leading up the challenge. The challenge day is a culmination of a term of investigation and practical application of science & engineering based skills.

The content and structure of the college’s Science syllabus is determined by the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: Science, which structures science studies as:

  1. Science Understanding
    • Biological Science
    • Chemical Science
    • Earth and Space Science
    • Physical Science

  2. Science As Human Endeavour

  3. Science Skills  

Course Outlines


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