Mathematics provides a way of viewing the world as patterns. It helps develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities that extend well beyond the walls of the mathematics classroom. To support these ends, the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics "provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability" (ACARA, n.d.). In addition, the curriculum nurtures numeracy capabilities; thus, allowing students to appreciate and identify mathematics in their everyday lives and apply fundamental concepts to perform everyday mathematical calculations.

At Roleystone Community College, the mathematics courses are guided by the content mandated by the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. At their core, our courses focus on developing the students' relational understanding of mathematics. This form of understanding promotes students to not only follow mathematical procedures but to develop an understanding of why these mathematical procedures are followed. This type of learning provides a more motivating experience and helps students to better understand the more advanced mathematical concepts they will encounter in their future schooling.

During lessons, students are provided with a range of motivating learning opportunities. Learning is supported by structured modelling and mastery experiences, in addition to opportunities to discover mathematical principles. The discovery experiences include the use of physical and digital manipulatives. As well as opportunities to participate in problem and project based learning. Furthermore, the students are provided with opportunities to reflect on their understanding through journaling.

Course Outlines

Staff - Secondary

  • Dr Stuart Duvall
  • Ms Cee-Jay Sach
  • Mrs Nicola Ardzejewski
  • Ms Sophie Riekstins

Our Maths Team across the College

  •   Craig Talbot (Chair)
  •   Ebonie Ancliffe
  •   Julia Berrie
  •   Mark Brookes
  •   Narelle Brookes
  •   Tracy Cogle
  •   Jennifer Longyear
  •   Cathryn Mantell
  •   Stuart Duvall