Roleystone Community College continues to provide an enriched and linguistically sound Indonesian Language program . Students begin to learn in Year 3, currently continuing to Year 6 under the primary program and then beyond into Years 7 and 8.

Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively simple language for children to grasp as it uses the same alphabet as English. Indonesian uses the same rules for capital letters and punctuation, providing students with additional practice when writing sentences and paragraphs. It also provides examples for grammatical comparison, allowing students to view their first language from a new perspective. It’s relevance in the region is unquestionable with many students able to practice their language learning on family holidays to nearby Indonesia.

RCC provides a rigorous curriculum based upon the WAC:L (Western Australian Curriculum: Languages) which is augmented on occasion with appropriate cultural incursions and activities. Lessons are provided in our dedicated Languages room which is rich with text and cultural artefacts. The program uses an interactive whiteboard for lesson delivery and has a bank of laptops for students to access.


Course Outlines


  • Mrs Karen Wishart
  • Ms Dian Leggett