Roleystone Community College is proud to announce the continuation of the Ignite Award, which was successfully introduced in 2019 for our students.
This prestigious youth Award, which is modelled on the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, is a challenging program of self-discovery for young people aged 10 to 14 years old that provides opportunities to learn valuable skills, be physically active, assist others in the community and experience adventures.
The award benefits young people by fostering positive attitudes towards learning, complementing their school curriculum whilst also building an environment for positive engagement and interaction between young people and the community. It also promotes positive self-development and leadership skills and is a great tool for participants to transition into secondary school, hence creating responsible and motivated young people in Western Australia.
The program is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program. Awardees are also recognised in selection to Australian Universities.
For further information about the Award you may wish to visit their website at www.awardswa.org.au.





  • Mrs Georgina McVea - Coordinator