Humanities and Social Sciences is a core subject which prepares students for the future in terms of interacting with their world through a study of the past and their environment.

The strands covered are history and geography as well as economics and civics.

Elements covered include:

  • Indigenous society and culture
  • Australian history [impact of white settlement, federation, war, social issues]
  • Ancient civilisations eg China, Aztecs
  • Technology and change [Renaissance, industrial revolution]
  • Environmental studies; geography skills, landuse and biomes.

Students learn research skills, note taking and interpretation of information; study primary sources, create practical artifacts and come to an understanding of their place in this world.

The HASS staff at Roleystone Community College hope to enrich and empower students with knowledge to face the future so that their decicion making is based not on prejudice and ignorance but on facts.

Course Outlines


  • Mr Jaco Coetzer
  • Mrs Georgina McVea
  • Ms Jasmin Hill
  • Ms Chelsea Pullen