Students are encouraged to engage in physical activity from early ages right through to year 10.

Primary aged students start each day with a daily fitness activity, aimed at being fun and active setting them up for a great day at school. Along with this they receive specialist Physical Education lessons as well as sport sessions in which they are exposed to a variety of sports.

Secondary students are involved in a variety of activities throughout their week and all have an opportunity to receive Specialist Physical Education sessions and learning from accredited specialist physical education teachers.

The Health and Physical Education learning area is formally comprised of the following programs

  • Whole School Daily Fitness
  • Specialist Physical Education Teacher Program 1-10 based on Skills continuum
  • Block Sport
  • Interschool Sport
  • Health Education Programs based on Australian Curriculum and College Scope and Sequence.
  • Specialist Teacher- Health Programs and Advanced Netball Program

Students excelling in the area of Physical Education will have the opportunity to represent the college at interschool events.

Secondary students compete in various interschool sporting events.

Students also have the option of studying Specialist Physical Education, with a strong sport science component, coaching skills and first aid.

Course Outlines


  • Ms Rebecca Jackson

  • Ms Connie Sutherland

  • Miss Haylee Smyth

  • Mr Daniel Holliday