Kindergarten and Pre-primary

Kindergarten is a very significant year as it is your child’s first experience with school life. As parents you are the most important people in your child’s life and their first teachers. Now as your child starts kindergarten we both have very important roles to play as we work closely together in a partnership that will support and benefit your child’s transition from home to school.

A solid parent and school relationship helps your child form a positive attitude towards school life and encourages a love for learning.

To Start Kindergarten

Your child must be four years old by 30 June in the year he/she starts Kindy.  The kindergarten programme offered at Roleystone Community College is 15 hours per week.

Session Days for Class Groups

We will be using a fortnight rotation for our session's groups. Wednesday will be the rotation day therefore your child will attend every second Wednesday.

Group 1 and 3

Week 1 - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Week 2 - Monday and Thursday

Group 2 and 4

Week 1 - Tuesday and Friday
Week 2 - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Kindergarten Class Times 

Start – 8.45 am doors open.
Pick up – 2.50 pm
Whole School early close Wednesday - Kindy pick up at 2.30 pm

What to Bring Each Day

A bag with at least two pockets and large enough to easily fit and access the following items:

  • A piece of fruit to share at fruit time
  • A lunch box (may include an extra drink of water for lunchtime)
  • A spare set of clothes (including underwear and socks) labelled
  • College bucket hat (required all year)
  • Labelled drink bottle with water
  • A spare pocket for notes and creative work going home

Settling In

Although it is tempting for some parents to remain in the Kindy room once the official session has begun, we strongly urge you to say a positive ‘goodbye’ at this time. This will show your child that you are confident that he/she will manage without you and that you expect them to be happy.

We expect that some children will find separation from their parents difficult at first. However, long drawn out goodbyes are inevitably harrowing and also distressing for the remainder of the children.

Experience has shown that children settle very quickly once their parents are out of sight. Feel free to contact the school later in the session to check on your child.

Please ensure that your child is aware when you are leaving Kindy as ‘sneaking off’ will only lead to feelings of distrust and insecurity in the future.

Drop Off

The children remain the responsibility of parents and caregivers until the kindy doors open at 8.45 am. We value and encourage parent participation at the start of the day as this helps your child to settle in and shows them that you value what they do at kindy.

Please try to get your child to school on time and settled into the room before mat session starts. There are lots of fun things you can share with your child each morning.

When you arrive each day get your child to place their fruit and water bottle in the baskets provided. Help them to hang up their bag on a hook outside the room and check their cubby holes for important notes.

Note: at kindy children must be brought into the room and collected by an adult at the end of each day. We cannot allow kindy children to go with an older sibling.

Pick Up

Pick Up starts at 2.50 pm. If someone other than you is collecting your child please notify a staff member and write the details in the communication book located just inside the door. Please empty your child’s cubby holes of treasures and creations at the end of each kindy day and take home the water bottle.


  • Cubby Holes – each child will have their own cubby hole labelled with their name. Please check the cubby holes each day to collect important notes and all the work created during the day.

  • Noticeboard – we have a kindy noticeboard located just outside each room. It contains lots of relevant and useful information, including parent help rosters. Please check the noticeboard daily as it will keep you up to date.

  • School Newsletters – These will be sent out each fortnight and will go home with each child.

  • RCC Web Page – This contains a wealth of useful information.

Roleystone Community College staff value and promote an open communication channel between staff and parents/caregivers. We are friendly and will try to answer your quick questions each day. If you need to discuss more complex or personal issues then please see the staff to arrange a suitable time.

Parent Help Rosters

The Parent Help Roster is on the noticeboard outside each classroom. One parent/career is invited each morning to come and help in the Kindy room. Whilst on roster you are of tremendous support to the running of the sessions. You can help with an activity, chop fruit, clean down the activity table/equipment and have fun sharing the morning with your child.. Please add your name on the roster.

As a college community it is important to us to encourage and develop open communication and understanding between home and the classroom. We recognise and value the importance of parent support in the educational programme of the children and request parents and caregivers to participate in one parent roster per term. Please add your name to the roster on the days you are available.

Laundry Roster

We ask the parents to take turns in washing the aprons, tea towels and towels each week. This will be sent home on your last session of one week to be returned on your first session of the following week. None of the washing will need to be ironed.


Please send your child in college uniform and comfortable shoes. Most of our paint and glue will come out when washed in cold water. Do not use stain remover sprays as this can set the stain. Please label all clothing and equipment clearly.

Spare Clothes - It is important to send a full set of spare clothing (including underwear) in your child’s bag each day in case of accidents or water play activities.

Hats - College bucket hats must be worn all year round. Roleystone Community College has a policy of no hat no play.

Shoes – Shoes for kindy children need to be comfortable and appropriate for climbing and other outside play activities. They also need to be simple to remove and put back on by the children independently.


At kindy we have a shared fruit time. This is a valuable social time where children are encouraged to use their manners and to try ‘new’ tastes. All children are asked to bring each day one piece of fruit or cheese, dried fruit or savoury biscuits to be enjoyed at shared fruit time. At kindy we do not have a separate snack or morning tea time.

Allergies – We have a number of children with allergies. Some of these food allergies have the potential to be life threatening. As a precaution we ask all parents not to send products that contain nuts in school lunch boxes eg peanut paste, nut muesli bars, nutella spread. We do not allow children to share foods from lunch boxes with other children.

Lunch – Each child is encouraged to eat their healthy sandwich/wrap etc before starting on other items in their lunch box.

Lunch Orders - Kindergarten children do not have lunch orders.

Water Bottles – We ask each child to bring a named water bottle filled with water to class every kindy day. Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. The water bottle needs to be taken home, cleaned and refilled ready for the next kindy day.


We love celebrating birthdays at kindergarten. You may chose to provide cup cakes or similar for your child to share with class mates on their birthday. Please ask the staff for student numbers.

Accident or Illness

Illness – If your child is ill on a kindy day please do not send them. They will be happier at home and this will reduce the chance of infecting classmates or staff.

If your child becomes ill at kindy and needs to go home we will endeavour to contact you. If we cannot contact you personally we will phone your named emergency contact person. Please make sure your contact person is close to the College.

As only basic facilities are available at school we are unable to care for sick children for extended periods of time.

Minor accidents are treated as they occur. In case of a major incident parents will be contacted and the school emergency health care protocols will be followed. In the event of an emergency it is vital that we can contact you as soon as possible. For this reason we need home, work and mobile numbers for both parents. Please make sure you emergency contacts are located as close to the college as possible and are likely to be available. Please make sure your emergency contact is aware you have nominated them. Please inform the front office whenever there is a change in your child’s records.

Nits – From time to time nits are a problem so please check your child’s hair regularly; treat as required and let college staff know.


Children do not need to bring toys to kindy. If they require something special for a particular topic or activity we will let you know.


We will be using digital cameras at kindy to take photos of the children at play or involved in learning activities. Please ensure that you have completed the relevant photograph permission form and returned it to the front office as soon as possible.