As RCC is still in Phase 4 COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to make some hard decisions regarding events at the College.

In Term 3
• Our Expo night has been cancelled due to the large number of people that normally attends and our inability to control such numbers and the required cleaning etc. This unfortunately also means our Book Fair is cancelled this year.
• Our 2 athletics carnivals will go ahead, however parents will be restricted to a roped off area surrounding the entire oval. We ask parents to maintain appropriate social distancing if they attend and that they not try to interact with their children.
• The EduDance concerts are going ahead, but will be closed events which will be filmed for parents and distributed.
• We are looking at recommencing assemblies; but these will be without parents. We are looking at ways to effectively distribute videos of these events as well.
• The Year 7 camp will go ahead, but is subject to a comprehensive COVID management plan.

In Term 4

  • Our Book Week dress up parade has  been cancelled. Students will still be participating in lots of fun activities during Book Week  and we look forward to seeing all the creative costumes in 2021.
  • Swimming lessons are expected to be held, subject to further restrictions.
  •  The Year 10 River Cruise will go ahead and will be subject to a comprehensive COVID management plan.

As the approach to COVID remains conservative at RCC and is based upon the best possible advice from the Departments of Education and Health and the State Government, we ask parents to please comply with such arrangements, otherwise we will not be able to run any of these activities at all.

Mark Brookes