One of the most anticipated P&C events – the annual Teddy Bears Picnic, was held this year at RCC on Friday 19 June (Thursday 18 June for alternate kindy day).

There were lots of very special teddy bears gathered at the school, and lots of students and staff dressed in their finest PJ’s, enjoying a fantastic lunch of honey sandwiches, courtesy of the Snack Shack, and enjoying a great Teddy Bear’s picnic.

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Some students gave a gold coin donation towards the fun- raising day – with the P&C collecting over $2000. A wonderful result.

Some of our students also excelled at a special colouring –in competition, and won for themselves a P&C voucher to the Snack Shack.

Year 5 student, Jessica Kilburn won First prize, a $10 voucher.

The winners of the $5 vouchers were;

Astrid Kerenyi           Year 3
Paddy Clune             Year 3
Lawson Rosewarne  Year 1
Alexis Harper            Year 1
Olivia Flint                 Year 1
Lola Sackman           Kindy

IMG 5009 IMG 5013 IMG 5024 IMG 5029

                                                                                                (Absent is Lola Sackman)

Congratulations to those students and thanks RCC P&C for organising and holding such a fantastic event.