A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our whole school Reconciliation Week ‘In This Together’ posters. The creativity of our students (and staff), was absolutely amazing with each poster an individual representation whilst incorporating a broader united theme.
The posters are now on display in Block 5 – and they all look fantastic.
Classes are now invited to conduct a ‘Gallery Walk’ of the posters until next week.
Displays will then be returned to the individual blocks in Week 10, the last week of term.
Take an ‘online’ walk on our YOUTUBE Channel on our website or via these links;  https://youtu.be/aGktMN2wrzM  and  https://youtu.be/y4jZjTzWFBs
Thank you again for the support and the time teachers, students and staff have dedicated to create this wonderful display and support cultural responsiveness throughout our school.

Mrs Wolfenden
Cultural Awareness Committee
Roleystone Community College

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