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Our Cadets were ready and eager for some adventure and hard yakka on their three-day camp in Bickley in Term 3.

Day one saw the students set up camp before tackling a vertical challenge and a crate climb, testing their nerve and ability, to reach the top. There was an awesome sense of mateship throughout the group, cheering each other on and helping each other to overcome fears.

Day two was jam-packed; starting bright and early with some mountain biking through the Bickley hills, followed by an afternoon of water activities, canoeing and raft-building on the Bickley Brook Reservoir, which runs right past the campsite!

Day three started with a big, cooked breakfast, followed by a bushwalk led by Cadet’s instructor Mr Burns, who was more than happy to showcase his knowledge of the surrounding area. Walking 10 kilometres included a few essential snack stops, concluding our Bushranger Cadets camp to Bickley.

Overall, the camp was a huge success, with students consistently challenging themselves and their peers, and supporting one another throughout the journey. We cannot wait for an exciting Term 4, and more fun-filled camps in 2023 with the Bushranger Cadets group.

Mr Poole.

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