On Wednesday 17 August, Ibu Dian and Mrs Brophy took a group of Year 6 students to the Indonesian Consulate in Perth, after RCC had been invited to participate in the Independence Day Ceremony (Upacara Hari Kemerdekaan) which was a great honour.

Our students took part in several activities, including a ceremony where Alina and James K were given the high honour of receiving a plate of food from the Consulate General, along with Mrs Brophy, who had a surprise when her name was called to come up! Afterwards, all the students got to taste some yummy Indonesian food.

A very popular game on Independence Day around Indonesia is the Krupuk (large cracker) eating competition. Our students really embraced this game and participated in several rounds and in the final, RCC was represented with three of our students and one very talented Indonesian lady. She beat our students but it was a lot of fun! Ibu Dian then showed off her line dancing moves, and Mrs Brophy really got in to the Poco-Poco!!

The excursion was a fantastic experience for our students. Terima Kasih to Ibu Dian and Ibu Kellie for their work in organising the outing and allowing our students to experience a different culture first hand.

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