As part of the NRW RCC is participating in a range of activities to support reconciliation.

From our Six Seasons Indigenous Bush Tucker project, the College is continuing to create a Noongar Six Seasons Garden. Students are researching the flora and fauna in the local Noongar seasons and have watched as the plants we have nurtured have grown, blossomed and fruited through the six Noongar seasons; Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, Kambarang.
Our school is expanding our Bush Tucker Garden as we enter the season of Makuru. The plants will be in the earth just in time for Djilba, the season of conception (first spring August-September) and Kambarang, the season of birth (second spring October-November). Keep an eye on our garden through these seasons to share our celebration of Country.
In Year 1 Room 2.5 has been enjoying to learn about the Noongar Seasons.
We know –
Birak is the fishing season and also a time for fires.
Bunura is very hot and you need to be careful of snakes.
Djeran is when the kangaroos are fat and the leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground.
Makuru is when the first rains come and there are lots of animal tracks on the ground.
Djilba is when the lake and waterholes begin to fill and it is becoming warmer.
Kambarang is the wildflower season and the beautiful Christmas trees begin to flower.

These lessons during NRW have helped our students strengthen their understandings of indigenous culture and our shared histories.