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Recently the College installed two new UV (Ultra Violet) Meters, a wonderful addition to re-enforce our Sun Awareness message.

These meters will give a live UV reading to inform students (and staff) when they should be taking measures to protect themselves against the sun.
The meters will be the motivation for a whole school sun smart policy to protect students from future skin issues. Please note, even if the UV reading is less than 3, we still have a no hat no play policy in our primary school.

Our thanks go to the P & C for helping fund the meters, along with Mr Chris Curtin (Design and Technology teacher), Mr Geoff Hoskins (Gardener) and Year 10 students Logan Banes and Finlay Wright for constructing and installing the frames for the two meters.

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Great job! The meters are situated at the front of the school, near the oval and near the main pathway outside Block 3.