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On Friday 29 April, RCC celebrated ANZAC Day, a bit differently this year, with a virtual ceremony.

Although it was a different experience to a live assembly, the feedback following the event has been very positive, with our students respecting the event and the decisions to err on the side of the caution, following the very recent relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

All of our students watched the presentation via Teams, in their classrooms.

The significance and importance of all past and present service men and women was acknowledged and recognised through student readings, and protocols were followed with the National Anthem, the Last Post and a minutes Silence.

Outside around the College, a number of lovely displays honouring and celebrating our ANZAC’s provided a lovely tribute. They were organised by teachers Mrs McVea and Mrs Littlewood, with help from a number of students, across various years.

A unique ceremony, in these COVID times, but one we can all look back on and be proud.

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