The new school year has been very hard for many of our schools, with COVID-19 outbreaks, but at Roleystone Community College, our teachers and students have hit the ground running.

Here’s just an example of what’s been happening inside some of our Primary and Secondary classrooms, in the first few weeks of Term 1!

Getting to Know You in Room 2.3
Everyone in PP have been busy getting to know each other, painting our ‘About Me’ people and drawing lots of our favourite things, like our favourite foods included chicken parmie, spaghetti and yellow rice! We have enjoyed science with Mrs Kerenyi, learning about mixing colours and getting to plant some tomato plants.
Mrs Adams

Creepy Crawlies in Year 1
In each Year 1 class we have some unusual class pets. They are Spiny Leaf Insects or Macleay's Spectre. They look scary but we can hold them sometimes. We have four females and two males, as well as some eggs and we hope that we get to see the eggs hatch.
Yr 1 Teachers

Chinese New Year in Room 3.1
Year 2 has been learning about Chinese New Year 2022, the Year of the Tiger. We have learnt that there are 12 animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. Everyone was excited to learn that if they were born in 2015 or 2014 the students in 3.1 are Goats or Horses!
We also made some fantastic dragon puppets, because we learnt that in Chinese culture the dragon symbolizes great power, good luck and strength. The students have also been helping Ms Wall learn about how things operate at Roleystone.
Ms Wall

Science Investigations in Room 5.7
The Year 5’s have started their term with investigations into solids, liquids, and gases; plus reversible, and irreversible changes for Year 6. They had a fun lesson in Week One to engage their minds and to see what they have learnt from previous years. The Year 6 group came into the classroom to find a mess scene! They will be trying to figure out what happened over the term and will then write a report for Mr Brookes explaining their findings. Hopefully, they can solve the mystery!
Ms Quinn

Year 7 Humanities
All three Year 7 classes have started off this term with an awesome attitude, showing an excellent level of engagement in our history topic. After doing some self-guided research on what Archaeology is using their new devices, students set out on a mission to perform their own ‘excavation’. They received a chocolate chip cookie, two toothpicks and a piece of grid paper, with the task of excavating the chocolate chips.
All classes loved doing the challenge, or loved eating the cookies, I’m not sure? Either way, this activity has all students super excited for the Ancient Egypt content we will be covering for the remainder of this term!
Mr Poole

Secondary Science News
The start of the year has been pretty busy in secondary Science, with two new teachers and the Year 7’s beginning their High School journey.
The 7’s seem to have adjusted well and are making the most of the new opportunities available through the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme.
The Year 8’s are building on the skills that they learned last year and are planning their own scientific investigations. The Year 9’s are busy learning about human body systems and how they work together, and the Year 10’s are learning about inheritance, and the DNA that makes us unique.
Miss Moss, Ms Yin and Miss Smalpage.