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On Monday 29 November, we held the annual RCC Spelling Bee. It was a fantastic event with lots of cheering from the audience as we watched our 12 finalists battle for the ultimate title of 2021 Spelling Bee champion.

The following students were selected to compete for each year level, based on their high scores in the spelling games leading up to the final:
Year 1 – Aria Balsley and Jack Ibbotson

Year 2 – Alisa Swan and Alexis Harper

Year 3 – Ava Tresham and Jenna Baylee

Year 4 – Reef Mackin and Jasmine Brett

Year 5 – Izaak van de Sande and Devin Goodwin

Year 6 – Chanelle Eckford and Harvey Clarke

And the RCC 2021 Spelling Bee champion is - Reef Mackin!

Congratulations to Reef in Miss Ancliffe’s Year 4 class for winning the title.

Well done to Miss Williams Room 4.3 Year 3/4 class for winning the class trophy. Room 4.3 had the most points after completing all the spelling challenges.

Mrs Edmunds
Associate Principal

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