Bendigo Raffle
The RCC P&C is participating in the Bendigo Bank raffle again this year. It's a fabulous fundraiser and an amazing chance to win $20,000!

A Raffle book per family will soon be sent home to parents/caregivers.

If you do not want a raffle book, or would like more than one book, please let the P&C know by either emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a PM over their Facebook page.

If you receive a book and do not want to participate, please bring it back to the Front Office ASAP.

Once all the tickets have been sold, please bring the money to the Front Office.

Please ensure any book/s sold or unsold is returned to the Front Office.

If you can't bring your unsold or partly sold ticket book back, a statutory declaration will need to be signed ā€“ so please keep the book and any monies collected in a safe place, so it is not lost and can be handed back to the Front Office.

This is one of the P & Cā€™s major fundraisers for the year for the College. The winning ticket will be drawn on Sunday 5 December.