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The Cultural Awareness Committee is excited that our spectacular Harmony Week Wings, are now on display on the external wall of Block 2 – ready for Expo Night!

The beautiful wings are a wonderful addition, and we encourage everyone to ‘grab a selfie’ during Expo Night, which is on Wednesday 13 October, from 5.30pm, in Term 4.

Harmony Week was celebrated at RCC, back in March, with every Primary class celebrating in their own way and learning through a range of activities about cultural awareness and differences.

One of the activities was the 'Flag Friday' dress up, where our students dressed in the colours of their class’s chosen flag and culture, to help recognise similarities and interconnectedness.

Our Library staff, also created a fabulous book display, and our hard working staff in the Snack Shack, provided a fantastic range of culturally diverse lunches.

It was a great week!