pc day wa

On Friday 23 July RCC celebrated our fantastic and hardworking P & C, by acknowledging the wonderful work our very committed band of volunteers do at the College every day and to say thank you, thank you thank you.

To commemorate the day, Principal Mark Brooks again enlisted our specialist Film and TV (Digital Media) gurus, led by Specialist Teacher Dan Holliday, to help him create a short video to outline just how much our P & C does for the College, and how lucky we are to have such a positive and active group of people, so dedicated to our kids at RCC.

Click on this link to view the video.


Mr Brooks hopes the video will help everyone reflect on the wonderful contributions the P & C has made to the College, and also encourage others to join, even if it is only to help a little bit – As every little bit matters!

Thank you RCC P & C – You Rock!

Happy P&C Day!!!