The College is focussing on sustainability and making the Change we all would like to see – so remember to do your bit for the College and the environment and clean up after yourselves after Lunch 1 and 2. Please put rubbish into the correct bins and only put recyclables in the bottle and can container bins.

Our six Sustainability Leaders who are doing an amazing job of putting out the Yellow Bins each day should not have to sift and sort through rubbish to get the cans and bottles out!!!

The bins will be re-labelled, so it’s easier to know what we can be put into them, but here is an example

                                            Rubbish cans  

 By doing the right thing, you’re not only helping the environment but also raising money for our P & C, which ultimately goes back to you through the events, activities and facilities they fund.
So get to it – put the correct rubbish in the right bins and keep our College clean and tidy.
Thank you

Mrs Brophy, Mr Leo-Smith, and our Sustainablity Leaders, Oscar, Jude, Claire, Nico, Jian and Eleanor.