For most of us Maths is a painful learning experience, but here at Roleystone Community College our Teachers decided to break down some mathematical barriers and celebrate everything about Mathematics.
The theme of our Festival is “Maths takes you places” so here at RCC we took our students on a wonderful mathematical journey along different routes, where they encountered new ways to learn and think about Maths.
Our students were encouraged to have a go at new tasks, try their hand at problem solving in different ways and were persuaded to ‘feel the need for speed’ when working out solutions and answers.
The whole school program was designed to help build excitement around Mathematics for our students and reduce anxiety.  A huge thankyou also to our P&C who funded our World of Maths incursion for all students from Year 1-6.
RCC also hosted Mathematical Wizard Dr John West, President of Mathematical Association of WA (MAWA), who spent time with our students in the classroom. Dr West is an educator, who has taught mathematics at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
A big thank you must go to Year 3 Teacher Mr Craig Talbot, and his merry band of Maths Brainiacs, for creating and organising our first Festival of Maths.
In Term 3 we will be holding our first ever whole school Maths Speed Test Championships, with two students from each year level going head-to-head to see who the real Maths Champion of the School is.

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