A tradition was started many many years ago when teachers at the now decommissioned and recently demolished Roleystone Primary School, began taking students to the Araluen Botanical Park, to help gardeners plant tulip bulbs, for their Spring Tulip Festival.

Now, students from Roleystone Community College make the annual trip just up the hill, and get down and dirty in the garden beds and plant some of the estimated 150 thousand bulbs that are planted by volunteers and gardeners at Araluen each year.

The festival is usually held in August and September, when the tulips burst through the ground and Araluen is festooned in a brilliant and beautiful array of colours of magnificent tulips.

This year our Year 3’s helped with the planting, and on a lovely, fine day they got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jenna, Year 3.
Our class went there to plant bulbs for community service, for our excursion.
You plant a tulip bulb by getting a tulip bulb tool and pushing it in the ground. Then you put the bulb in the pointy side up. Then you push the button on the tool, so it lets out the dirt.
I thought it was a wonderful time and I want to go there again to see the bulbs I planted.

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