This term, the Year 9 and 10 Music Elective students participated in a hip hop song writing workshop with Australian performer and song writer, JohniePee (JP).


Students were introduced to the elements of song writing and taught how to apply them to create their own lyric ideas.

Thank you to Armed for Life for working with our Music Specialist Jane Slater in creating and providing this opportunity for our students.

Check out what our students thought!

What I liked most about the workshop was that we got to learn how to make a rap and meet JohniePee in person.’
‘I loved the 1 hour we had making and constructing music.’
‘What I liked most about the workshop was the fact that it was fun and we got to choose what we were doing.’
‘I liked making rap songs about my peers!’
‘I liked the funny parts he would add to the rap and the funny parts the boys made.’
‘This was an enjoyable experience, making and creating rap songs.’
‘This was a great experience that I would like to do again.’
‘I liked how it was entertaining and I liked what he taught us.’
‘I liked that he was handing out stickers and CD's.’
‘JP was extremely nice and worked well with all the kids in our class. It was quite a nice experience for me and I would say I most enjoyed it.’

Great endorsements indeed and RCC can’t wait for our first hip hop and rap crew making it big!