In Term 1 our students worked hard on dieback injecting which is to help with our school environment. Our Cadets have done a fantastic job with this activity and will continue to positively support our community throughout the year. Well done to all the students involved.

On Tuesday, 23 March, the cadets team had a visit from Vanessa Paget of Bush Wisdom survival. Vanessa discussed Reptile Awareness and allowed the students to interact with the snakes and reptiles she brought along. Our students were very enthusiastic and respectful towards the slippery, slimy critters!

Vanessa discussed the following throughout the visit:

- Phobias and myths around reptiles and snakes,
- Knowledge and strategies to overcome fears towards them,
- Safety management of yourself and reptiles,
- Basic first Aid management for snake bites
- Correct care and handling techniques of reptiles
- The opportunity to interact with live animals.

The students and cadet staff members had a fantastic time and we look forward to hosting Vanessa Paget back again to discuss Bush First Aid and Bush Survival throughout the year.

Mr Coetzer and the Cadet Team

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