It was possibly one of the strangest beginnings to a school year in February in WA this year, a week later than usual, with wintery weather conditions and students and teachers wearing mandatory Covid-19 masks.

But here at RCC, our students took all the distractions in their stride and with great resilience arrived in good spirits and settled into their first week extremely well.

Principal Mark Brookes is very proud of how smoothly the school year has begun, saying it felt more like week 5 than week 1!

For some of our newest and smallest students, it was both exciting and daunting!

RCC also unveiled a new covered area for our Secondary students to use before school and during breaks, located near Home Ec. It is a great addition to the school site. Tables and chairs are still to be installed, but there is no doubt the area will be very well utilised especially for shade during summer and on very wet days here at the College!

IMG 6995             IMG 6996                 redo shade photo  shade redo 2              IMG 7003                 IMG 7006