2020 Secondary Awards Night
On Wednesday 9 December RCC celebrated our Senior student’s achievements and successes in 2020, with the now traditional Award night and Valedictory ceremony.
It was lovely to see parents, families and community members in attendance to support and celebrate some wonderful individual results.
RCC congratulates all our students who were award winners in Years 7 to 9.
These students have achieved amazing results throughout the year. Well Done!

The Year 10 Valedictory ceremony, which followed, was a fantastic night for our students, their families, teachers and supporters of the College.
Congratulations to all the award recipients and to the students on the completion of their journey at RCC.
We wish them all the very best as they head off in different directions in 2021.

Kellie Brophy
Associate Principal

2020 Primary Awards Assembly
On Friday, 11 December, classes from Years 1 - 6 across two different assemblies, were able to celebrate the accomplishments of individual and groups of students and their achievements this year.
It was wonderful to see parents, families and friends at the Assembly’s, now able to attend, to support our students and RCC.
Our Year 6 student leadership children were recognised and acknowledged for their excellent efforts throughout this year; and the Year 6 Learning Area Awards and special presentations were presented to deserving students.
Mr Brookes entertained us all with another of his very clever poems (with a COVID-19 theme), Mrs Edmunds shared the favourite “I/We See You” poem and Mrs Brophy was very excited to be able to present the House Cup to Raeburn this year.

The second part of the Years 4 - 6 assembly was a special time to recognise each individual Year 6 student finishing their primary years. All of these students were represented through their individual classes and as a whole group delighted us with their 2020 Year 6 Graduation Poem, ‘Hopes and Dreams’.
We wish them all the very best as they move into Secondary school.

Karen West
Associate Principal

Details of all our special and very deserving award winners from Years 1- 10 are listed in our latest Newsletter. (17 December 2020)