One of the most wonderful ideas that Principal Mark Brookes initiated when he arrived at RCC, five years ago, is the annual running of ‘The Gauntlet’, where our whole school community comes out to farewell our Year 10 cohort.
Our students from Kindy to Year 9, along with their teachers, line up to form an honour guard and excitedly and very loudly cheer and high five our departing Year 10’s.
And on Wednesday 9 December with the COVID-19 protocols eased in the state, this year’s ‘Gauntlet’ was able to go ahead for this group, who have had such a disruptive school year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
It is such a fabulous tradition, and one that is now an essential element of our year’s end arrangements for our departing Year 10 cohort.
RCC wishes this group all the best for their future endeavours and studies as they move to other schools for Years 11 and 12.

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