On Thursday 3 Dec Principal Mark Brookes and Associate Principal Karen West travelled with our Student Leadership Team to Parliament House in West Perth. The invitation for the excursion was made by Darling Range MLA Alyssa Hayden, after a recent visit to RCC, where she conveyed her thanks to our students, who had volunteered to join her community care team. This group called on more than 2,000 older residents during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in WA to check on their welfare. Two of our Year 6 student councillors, Ava Wolfenden and Kaidy Robson, were recognized for volunteering during limited school activities at the College because of the pandemic, to help Year 3 students with their reading.
At Parliament House, Mrs Hayden took our group on a very informative and immersive tour of the building capped off with a very lovely lunch in the impressive House dining room.
Our Leadership team of Head Girl Sienna Willsher and Year 6 Councillors, Kaidy Robson, Hugh Norman, Jamie Rustandi, Jenna Kilburn, Ava Wolfenden and Kyra Sheppard were all enthralled and honoured by the opportunity to visit our State House of Parliament.

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