Congratulations to all the students who participated in the DDSA Athletics Carnivals this year. The final event was held on Friday 20 November at RCC and all the students from the represented schools did a fantastic job, especially in the heat! Our students at Roleystone Community College were outstanding in their performances and sportsmanship. RCC had some amazing individual and team game results, along with excellent resilience, commitment and sportsmanship from all athletes.
A special mention to the following RCC students who received a medal in their year group and placed overall in the team games and relays.

Madison Kain:    Year 3 girls,   First place
Riley Hole:          Year 3 boys, Second place
Gabriella Allen:   Year 4 girls,  Third place
Chase Roberts:   Year 4 boys, Third place

Team Events
First place:          Year 3/4 Girls: Flag Race
                            Year 3/4 Girls: Tunnelball
                            Year 5/6 Boys: Multipassball
                            Year 5/6 Girls:  Multipassball

Second place:     Year 3/4 Girls:  Circular Relay
                            Year 5/6 Boys: Leaderball
                            Year 5/6 Boys: Flag Race

Third place:          Year 3/4 Boys: Multipassball
                             Year 3/4 Boys: Tunnelball
                             Year 3/4 Boys: Leaderball

Ms Rebecca Jackson
RCC Health and Physical Education Specialist