A new staff member has joined Roleystone Community College. Fergus, the fluffy and beautiful Story Dog, had his first official day on Tuesday 20 October. Fergus and his handler Pat visited a number of classrooms and some very lucky Year 2 students had the opportunity to read to Fergus! He is a very good listener and our students had a great time reading to him from some very special books.
Fergus is attached to The Story Dogs program, which is designed to build students confidence and enjoyment in reading. He will support a number of students by having them read to him regularly.
RCC is very excited to be a part of the program, and we look forward to seeing Fergus and handler Pat every week!
Have a look at a segment on ABC’s 7:30 to find out a bit more about this fabulous initiative.


P1230529    P1230530    Fergus and Handler Pat with River.