Mrs Warwick’s Year 9/10 Home Economics class was set a Food Truck challenge this term.
The activity gets students to explore a range of worldly cuisines and techniques, and challenges them to take part in team collaboration by working in groups to decide what type of food they would like to cook, and from what country. Together they then devised a menu suitable to offer from a food truck.
The students then prepared and cooked some delicious food from all around the world – Mexican, Middle Eastern and even fans of desert and breakfast food were catered for.
The activity also allowed the students to get an insight into preparing food for hospitality style catering.
RCC staff were invited to the Home Ec room to try out the wares and dig in.
The verdict? - Well the photos speak for themselves!
Lots of very happy people tasting and devouring lots of yummy food.
Home Ec teacher Mrs Warwick was also very happy with the end result - as were her students.

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