Term 2 Update
Thank you to the school community for their overwhelmingly positive feedback over the period of time we have needed to make changes regarding COVID-19 at RCC. It has been wonderful to know we have the support of parents during such difficult circumstances.
As we are now at the point of returning to some form of normality, I will not be providing any more COVID-19 updates unless something changes to the situation in our school or community.

I recognise we still have a very small number of students who need to remain at home due to medical conditions for themselves or their family. Our school executive is working to manage this with the School of Special Educational Needs (SSEN).

Once again, thank you to parents for the way in which you have dropped off and picked up students at school over the past week.

As Parents are still not permitted on site, I would like to remind parents that Kindy children finish 20 minutes early (2:40pm) and Pre-Primary children finish 10 minutes early (2:50pm). Your prompt attention to this would be appreciated so we can have all pickups completed before the remainder of the school exits at 3:00pm.

Mark Brookes