Created by Mark Brookes, Principal

Dear parents
I would like to apologise for the late release of this update. As a school, we have been meeting to address the plans for curriculum moving into Term 2.
I will be providing you with a Statement of Intent, which will outline how we are approaching curriulum delivery next term and why we will be taking this approach.
I am extremely proud of the way our staff have engaged with the challenge. We will be providing access to learning activities for students both online and via hard copy. A letter is being posted home with a return sheet enabling you to identify your preferred method of delivery.
Until that time, my suggestion is you spend some positive together time with your children, and not worry too much about academic outcomes at this point.

Our Canteen is now closed until further notice.  Due to the lack of supply of goods, reduced numbers in the school and the need for continued hygiene compliance, the P&C have been left with no choice in this area.  

Our Cadet unit is now closed until further notice.