Recently RCC Principal Mark Brookes on behalf of the school community received a very special gift, of a beautiful painting of the College showcasing the school’s very distinctive peaked roof and cathedral windows in front of a lovely blooming garden.

It was the work of Graham Dowley, a past Principal of the school, then known as Roleystone District High School.
Mr Dowley, was Principal at RDHS in the late 1990’s.
It was his last appointment as a career educator before he retired.
In retirement he took up painting and showed that he had a real artist’s gift.
His watercolour painting of the school was loved and admired by his family where it was on display in their home for many many years. He told his family he always held very fond memories of the school staff, students and community of Roleystone.
Sadly, Graham died in November last year, and his wife Alison, on behalf of their family, has very kindly gifted the painting to the College.
It now hangs proudly in the Administration’s Front Office.
Mr Brookes is delighted and honoured on behalf of the RCC and the local community to have such a beautiful gift bestowed to the college which now becomes a very important part of the College’s history.
RCC thanks the Dowley Family for this very special gift and send our condolences at this sad time.
We encourage our families and visitors to the College to pop in and view the painting which shows a lovely snapshot of time, here at Roleystone Community College.

IMG 2186IMG 2189


Junior House Captains 2020
Congratulations to these students. Good luck this year with your sporting endeavour’s and may the best House win!

PEET              Isabella Cleva and Noah Barton

RAEBURN      Mallory Dunn and Dion Cabassi

CROYDEN      Emma Rendell and Jake Davey

CHEVIN          Ciara Tobin and Sean Williams


Specialist Services
Roleystone Community College again have the services of an Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist this year.
OT Claire Wack is on site Tuesdays and Wednesdays to provide hands on and consultation services with Early Childhood students from Kindy to Year 2.
Claire is also the supervising teacher of OT students, completing practical work at RCC.
Speech and Language Pathologist Lily Kotkis is on site each Wednesday, working with teachers and educators to help identify students with language and speech difficulties.

IMG 4265Claire WackIMG 4260Lily Kotkis

School Psychologist Dudley Allitt is on site at RCC Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, while our School Nurse Kristen Ferguson is here every Tuesday.

These services are a fantastic addition to our school community.
Parents should always contact their child’s teacher first if they want to access these support services.

Crunch and Sip

Roleystone Community College is a certified Crunch & Sip school and so is continuing with this wonderful program after introducing it about two years ago.
Crunch and Sip is a set time during the day for students and staff to eat fresh fruit or vegetables and drink clear water in the classroom. Students (and staff) need to bring their own supply in order to take part in Crunch and Sip each day.

The program has been created to help kids stay healthy and happy. Because of the extended period days and longer time before recess and lunch at RCC, it is a great way to make sure students are refuelling with healthy snacks and drinking lots of water, which helps improve their physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.

Government research has revealed that Western Australian kids aren't eating enough vegetables and whole fruit and that 5 out of 6 children in primary school do not eat enough vegetables and one out of nine does not eat enough fruit.

Students should also drink plain simple water in classrooms because not drinking enough can result in dehydration which can lead to reduced concentration, headaches and irritability.
No flavoured water, fruit juice, choc milk etc - just a clean water bottle filled with plain water.
Children also rarely drink enough during break times at school and often forget to drink unless reminded. Students who are regularly reminded to drink water and who are able to bring a water bottle into the classroom drink more and are less likely to become dehydrated.

These food and drinks are not permitted for Crunch and Sip:
• Any drinks other than plain water including fruit or vegetable juice, fruit juice drink, fruit cordial, mineral waters, carbonated water, water with added vitamins and minerals
• 'Fruit' products (e.g. fruit leather, fruit roll-ups, fruit bars or similar)
• Fruit jams, jellies, pies or cakes
• Fruit canned in syrup or jelly or with artificial sweeteners
• Dips, including those that are vegetable based
• Canned or processed vegetables (e.g. olives)
• Vegetable or potato crisps, hot potato chips
• Vegetable pastries (pies, pasties, sausage rolls)
• Vegetable cakes, fritters, quiches, breads or similar
• Popcorn

The golden rules for Crunch and Sip:
• Wash all fruit and vegetables before eating
• Easy-to-eat fruit and veg is best
• Buying fruit and vegetables in season is cheaper and tastes better
• Students should wash their hands before eating
• Wash water bottles daily
• Don't share water bottles

If students or staff forget to bring some fresh fruit of vegetables, the canteen will be providing Crunch and Sip bags for $1.
Happy Crunching!
Coordinator Rebecca Jackson
Health and Physical Education Specialist