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Recently the WA Department of Education decided to acknowledge the work and support of Education Assistants in our schools across the state, by dedicating a special week to them.
EA’s work tirelessly in classrooms, assisting teachers and providing support to lots of students every day.
Here at Roleystone Community College we have many dedicated EA’s who work very hard every day helping our students learn and progress their education, contribute to their safety and wellbeing whilst at the college and support students with additional needs.
EA’s also provide tremendous support to our teachers, in and out of the classroom.
EA’s at Roleystone Community College lend a sympathetic ear, give a helping hand, and put a smile on the faces of students and staff.
We appreciate everything our EA’s do at RCC and thank them for their professionalism and hard work.
Apologies to those who aren’t pictured in the photos – but please know as a collective group you are all fantastic colleagues.

Vicki Sallur
School Officer