RCC Specialist Art Teacher Anita Littlewood, is working hard this term with her Year 7 and 8 Design and Technology students to prepare for the STEM challenge of the Century - Superheroes Vs Supervillains!
RCC’s very own Wonder Woman, Mrs Littlewood, has helped guide her students every step of the way to get to the challenge, which will be held next term on Tuesday 26 October, at the Ray Owen Centre in Lesmurdie.
First of all, her team of super students have had to build, paint and decorate a road map, which the Lego robots have to transverse to kill and destroy the super villains.
Eight schools are competing in the Challenge, so there are sure to be a lot of villains to destroy!
Next the students had to build the Lego robots – no mean feat – and then using tablets, Mrs Littlewood had to teach and help guide the students to code the robots.
For the challenge, the robots need to be able to move in a straight line, turn and complete a circle, and recognize colour.
The students have been working hard in class to learn about coding and have also given up a number of their lunch times to practice using the tablets and getting the robots to move and attack the villains and make off with their weapons!
Mrs Littlewood is super excited about the challenge and very proud of her students.
Year 7 – Ruby Ipock, Zeva Mamakos, Shyla Kosikowski.
Year 8 – Keira Cirillo, Libby Littley, Riley Bijsterbosch, Callan Hutchinson, Rebecca Yates.
Watch This Space!

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