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On Thursday 8th August Principal Mark Brookes held a special morning tea for the Roleystone Community College students who achieved Principals’ Honours in First Semester.
79 students were the worthy award recipients.
In 2017, Mr Brookes introduced the Principal’s Honours to the College. In Semester 1, of that year RCC had 24 students who met the criteria for the award, which is presented to those students who demonstrate consistent excellence academically in their studies.
The award is presented to children in Pre Primary to Year 3 who have achieved an A- average in English and Mathematics without having worse than a C grade on their report.
And to students in Year 4 to Year 10 who have achieved an A- average in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences without having worse than a C grade on their report.
All award winners must have demonstrated appropriate attendance at school for the Semester.
Mr Brookes is extremely proud of the work done by staff and students over the past two years to make this amazing improvement.
Mr Brookes and staff of Roleystone Community College would like to congratulate all the winners for Semester 1, along with these 4 students who have received the Principal’s Honours each semester for the 2 and a half years it has been running.
Caitlyn Sheridan, Iona Harman, Talitha Judge and Rebecca Yates.

St John’s Ambulance Defibrillator

With the support of the Bendigo Bank and St John’s, the College now houses a community use defibrillator. As a part of the requirements to do so, the College has been required to have a certain number of staff trained in the delivery of first aid, as well as meet the requirements of a first aid and safety audit completed by St John’s. We are proud to provide such a community service.
As such, should you find yourself in an emergency situation and it be during school hours, there is a defibrillator housed in the College Administration for your use.

Big Voice Music Festival

Roleystone Community College Choir which includes a selection of students from years 5 and 6, have been practising for their upcoming performance in this music festival to be held at RAC Arena.
The performance is part of One Big Voice, Australia's largest children's choir where students from different schools come together to perform as a massed choir. There are so many schools taking part that the event is split across two performances. Roleystone will be performing in the evening time slot.
(Taken from the One Big Voice website)
Students participate in a non-competitive massed choir, building musical confidence in teachers and bringing the pure joy of singing and music to their students. The magic of thousands of children singing in harmony must be experienced to be believed.

To purchase a ticket for this amazing event head to TICKETEK Details below:
One Big Voice
Friday 30th August, 7.15pm
*To allow for the best view of the Roleystone Choir you are advised to book seats in between the Mozart and Beethoven seating. Please note that by doing so you are not guaranteed a perfect view of the choir.

Breakfast Club news to hand...

 2019 breafast club poster



With swimming pools and beaches a part of our Western Australian lifestyle, it is vital that every child has the opportunity to learn essential swimming and water safety skills. 

VacSwim provides children aged five to 17 years with the opportunity to learn to swim during the school holidays at many locations across the State.

Programs cater to all skill levels – from beginners to those doing their Bronze Medallion. They are being offered at pool venues across the State.

Enrol your children in VacSwim swimming lessons for the October school holidays.

Enrolments are open now at