As always our Art Specialist Mrs Littlewood has been working her students very hard, with fantastic projects and wonderful art creations emanating out of our art room. Here is just a taste of what our students have been busily creating this semester. For more examples of her students’ wonderful work, check out our Newsletters online.

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Congratulations to Year 4 student Hannah Debenham for her successful solo audition for the ‘One Big Voice’ music festival.

Hannah will be given a solo part to sing at WA's biggest choral festival held at RAC Arena in August performing to thousands of friends, families and representatives from schools across the state.

Our Year 4-6 school choir will also be performing at this event along with thousands of other students from a range of schools in WA. Learn more about the event by clicking on this link;

Hannah was shortlisted from over 300 auditions. She now has the opportunity to work with professional vocal coaches and industry performers and showcase her talent to one of the widest audiences most professionals dream of!

RCC is so proud to have Hannah represent our brilliant college. Ticketing information is still to be confirmed, but it would be wonderful for our students to know (and hopefully see) people from our school community supporting them in the audience on the night.

Tickets will be purchased through Ticketek, so go to their website for any enquiries.

                                                                            Hannah D

arrmadale young writers award 

Entries are now open for this annual writing competition!

All students in Years 3-10 are invited to enter and there are some great prizes to be won. Please click on the link below for further information.

Please note that all entries must be received by 30th June.

This is a great opportunity for RCC students to enter a local writing competition and everyone in Years 3-10 are encouraged to enter.

Do your bit for the College and the environment and remember to clean up after yourselves after Lunch 1 and 2 and pop all rubbish in the bins provided or if you have any bottles or can containers, don’t forget to pop them in our Containers for Change bins, which are very handily located near the Snack Shack.

By putting your empty drink containers (minus the straws) in the bins, you’re not only helping the environment but also raising money for our P & C, which ultimately goes back to you through the events, activities and facilities they fund.

So get to it – and keep our College clean and in the black!

 Containers for Change

A tradition was started many many years ago when teachers at the now decommissioned and recently demolished Roleystone Primary School, began taking students to the Araluen Botanical Park, to help gardeners plant tulip bulbs, for their Spring Tulip Festival.

Now, students from Roleystone Community College make the annual trip just up the hill, and get down and dirty in the garden beds and plant some of the estimated 150 thousand bulbs that are planted by volunteers and gardeners at Araluen each year.

The festival is usually held in August and September, when the tulips burst through the ground and Araluen is festooned in a brilliant and beautiful array of colours of magnificent tulips.

This year our Year 3’s helped with the planting, and on a lovely, fine day they got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jenna, Year 3.
Our class went there to plant bulbs for community service, for our excursion.
You plant a tulip bulb by getting a tulip bulb tool and pushing it in the ground. Then you put the bulb in the pointy side up. Then you push the button on the tool, so it lets out the dirt.
I thought it was a wonderful time and I want to go there again to see the bulbs I planted.

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