Chaplain’s Chat

Chaplain Allison

My name is Allison Burgoyne and I am the YouthCARE school Chaplain. In 2022 I will be working a 9 day fortnight (away Mondays of every even week – commencing week 2). I have been a Chaplain for over 5 years and in 2022 this will be my fourth year at Roleystone CC.
I am married with four children and have 1 grandchild.
I have a love of all things Disney, which you will notice in my office, newsletter articles and Disney shirts. This year I have relocated from Block 5 to Block 7 (next door to the Student Nurse’s office and also near the Music Room).
I keep in touch through the College newsletter and website, updating what I’m doing at RCC to help support your children and families.
I can be contacted at the College on 9391 6222. If I’m unable to take your call, please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

I currently run the following programs at Roleystone:
• Breaky Club
• Chess Club
• Seasons for Growth (grief & loss program)

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Breaky Club News 

Every Wednesday and Friday - 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Everyone is welcome at Breaky Club, and best of all it’s FREE and fully catered for by Foodbank, Blue Sky Bread, the school and the occasional local orchard.

We cater not only for children who may not normally have breakfast, but also for students who want a safe and supportive place to go, to be able to make friends, and build relationships with staff and students they may not normally see.

It’s a wonderful initiative at RCC.

For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact Mrs Burgoyne at the College on 9391 6222.

Return, Reuse, Recycle
The P & C has purchased 200 reusable cups for Breakfast Club to help reduce our environmental impact. If a cup makes its way home, please encourage your kids to bring it back asap.They can return their cups to the black tub outside Home Economics under the fire hydrant. Kids can also bring their own reusable cups and receive a house point.

reuse cups Thank you P & C – That’s Awesome!


Chess Club

Chess Club is more popular than ever in the Library during lunch on Wednesdays for our Year 5 – 10 students.

We have an outside Volunteer, Neil Rogerson aka “Pop”, who helps teach the kids how to play.  I encourage any staff who have a love of Chess to come along. Even Mr Brookes has been known to visit and participated in The Principal’s Gambit!

chess club 1   chess club 2   chess club 3


Seasons for Growth pic

Seasons for Growth (Grief & Loss) Program 
This is a program we run for primary school students who have suffered grief or loss through various situations such as divorce, separation, death of a loved one/pet etc.  If you would like to nominate your child for this program or learn more about it, please contact myself or your child’s teacher.

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The program commenced at RCC in 2020. 
A Fact Sheet is attached for your information regarding what the program is about.

pdfSeasons for Growth Fact Sheet.pdf


What a Chaplain Does                                                     

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Firstly, I would like to give you all some reassurances and one very important one in particular, which seems to be the biggest concern and misconception - it IS NOT my intention to convert anyone to Christianity. I respect all people, no matter who they are, where they are from, or what their personal belief system is.

My role as Chaplain is to care for the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of the children, families and staff at Roleystone Community College.

My aim as Chaplain for Roleystone Community College is to:

  • provide pastoral care for staff, students and families (parents/carers)
  • be a role model for students
  • be a listening ear/confidant
  • be a caring presence
  • play an active role assisting and supporting school events
  • be a link between the school, local community, support agencies and organisations

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