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College Motto

Respect Challenge Contribute.

Our Ethos

The college is driven by the deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning.

What We Value

As a school and as teachers we don’t give up on students – we constantly explore new ways to engage students who are not making progress, or who are making progress at a rate beyond that of their peers.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Presume positive intent.
2. No deficit model.
3. Role modelling of positive behaviours.
4. Student progress is the responsibility of the teacher, leaders and parents in the school.


College Documents:

PDF Documents:

pdf2022 Information Booklet.pdf

pdfConnect Step by Step Guide for Parents.pdf

pdfCommunication protocols.pdf

pdfMobile Phone Policy.pdf
pdfCollege Governance
pdfFire and Emergency Plan
pdfSun Awareness Policy
pdfAllergy Awareness
pdfHomework Guidelines
pdfAssessment Policy

2019 Annual Report : follow this link 2019 Annual Report
 pdfRoleystone CC Business Plan 2021-2023.pdf
pdfRoleystoneCC Public School Review September 2021.pdf

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