At Roleystone Community College, students learn Bahasa Indonesia as a compulsory subject from Year 1 to Year8 and as an elective in Year 9 and beyond.

We have a well-resourced dedicated Languages room, which is rich in authentic text and realia. Additionally, it has an Interactive Whiteboard and a bank of laptops for use during Indonesian lessons. Tasks are designed in line with the WA Scope and Sequence for Indonesian and embrace technology. As the Australian Curriculum is formalised this will be used to guide planning, teaching and assessment. Extensive use of a wide range of web tools ensures the learning program is delivered in an engaging and motivating way.

Currently Roleystone Community College is fostering a sister school relationship with a school in Sumatra. The benefits of this relationship will be broad and numerous but we will be Skyping with students in Sumatra and exchanging learning tasks with them. Additionally, we have a trip to Indonesia planned for the Year 10 Indonesian Students in 2012. This trip will not only focus on language and culture but it will also be incorporated into the Film and TV Specialist course. It is hoped that WACE will give approval so that this trip will carry credits for the Year 10 students attending.

In 2011, Roleystone DHS initiated the Roleystone Indonesian Language Hub with Roleystone Primary School, Armadale Primary School and Kingsley Primary School. This was funded by NALSSP (National Asian Languages and Studies in School Program) Funding. Many of the Hub initiatives have carried over to 2012, such as the Extension Class being run for Year 6 and Year 7 students from all hub schools this year. Others are sustainable and will continue beyond 2012, such as the Indonesian Activity Day that was hugely successful in 2011.

Roleystone was also successful in attaining BALGS (Becoming Asia Literate Grants to Schools) funding. This is another NALSSP funded initiative. The focus of this grant is to promote and foster Asia Literacy through the school, with a focus on Indonesia, linking with the language taught. This will be done through the purchase of resources, development of a Scope and Sequence, production of a series of animations and productions of podcasts.


Course Outlines


  • Mrs Karen Wishart
  • Ms Dian Leggett