Home Economics consists of several units for Year 7-10 students:

Year 7 Students

Year 7 Students get to do a small sewing project (a hand sewn Mobile Phone Cover) and are introduced to the cooking class. They attend cooking demonstrations and cook a few times in the semester. This helps them decide if they would like to take Home Economics subjects as Electives in Year 8.


Year 8 Students

General Home Economics (Textiles and Cooking) and Kitchen Gardening

frogs   cooking

Year 9 and 10 Students

International Food, Café Culture, Caring for Children, Child Development and Fun with Fabrics / Textiles

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International Food and Café Culture are all about the love of food, cooking great food with our local ingredients and acquiring some valuable skills in the process while conforming to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum for Technologies.

We focus very much on the practical applications and try to incorporate the theory into the practical sessions. We also try to get into our Sustainable Kitchen Garden as frequently as possible.   

Caring for Children and Child Development covers the broad areas of "parenting". Students get to use the "Realbaby" infant simulator. We learn about all the different responsibilities and roles of carers, babysitting and much more. It also helps to develop knowledge and understanding of growth and development of children from conception to 5 years. We try to help our students understand what parenting is about and the responsibilities that go with being a parent or carer.

Course Outlines


  • Mrs Katja Warwick