My name is Allison Burgoyne and I’m very excited to be the new Chaplain at Roleystone Community College. I will be at the College every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I am also a Chaplain at East Beechboro Primary School and, until recently, Pickering Brook Primary School. I live in Wattle Grove and have been a Chaplain for over 3 years.

I am married with four children ranging in ages from 12 to 25 years (girl, boy, boy, girl).

I have a love of all things Disney, which you will notice in my office, in articles and even some of what I wear – and I make no apologies.

I hope to keep in touch through the College newsletter and website, updating what I’m doing at Roleystone to help support your children and families.

What a Chaplain Does

If you don’t know what a Chaplain does you are not alone. I didn’t know what the role required until I became one either!

Firstly, I would like to give you all some reassurances, and one very important one, which seems to be the biggest concern and misconception – is that it IS NOT my intention to convert you or your children to Christianity. I respect all people, no matter who they are, where they are from, or what their personal belief system is.

My role as Chaplain is to care for the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of your children, your families and the staff at Roleystone Community College.

I always say “my heart is for the kids’/parents’/staff’s hearts – that’s my job.”

My aim as Chaplain for Roleystone Community College is to:

  • provide pastoral care for staff, students and families (parents/carers)
  • be a role model for students
  • be a listening ear/confidant
  • be a caring presence
  • play an active role assisting and supporting school events
  • be a link between your college, the local community, support agencies and organisations

A few things I’m currently working on are:

  • Starting the Mentor Program again
  • Running Seasons for Growth (a grief and loss program) for both primary and secondary students

I’m available to meet anytime during school hours on a Wednesday to Friday. If you are unable to attend the college I’m happy to chat over the phone and can be contacted on 9391 6222. If I’m unable to take your call, please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

Breakfast Club is Back

By popular demand the Breakfast Club will be available every Wednesday and Friday morning from 8:00 am to 8:30 am in the Home Economics Room.
This year it will be run by our new college Chaplain, Mrs Allison Burgoyne, with the assistance of Mrs Deb Ducrow.
If anyone would like to volunteer to help with this program please contact Mrs Burgoyne at the College or call 9391 6222.



Roleystone Community College is proud to announce the introduction of Ignite Award for 2019 to our students.

This prestigious youth Award, which is modelled on the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, is a challenging program of self-discovery for young people aged 10 to 14 years old that provides opportunities to learn valuable skills, be physically active, assist others in the community and experience adventures.

The award benefits young people by fostering positive attitudes towards learning, complementing their school curriculum whilst also building an environment for positive engagement and interaction between young people and the community. It also promotes positive self-development and leadership skills and is a great tool for participants to transition into secondary school, hence creating responsible and motivated young people in Western Australia.

The program is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program. Awardees are also recognised in selection to Australian Universities. For further information about the Award you may wish to visit their website at

Digital Media Awards:

The Roleystone Academy of Digital Media award winning films and credits include:

• Past student employed on internationally recognised series Outlander
• Past student employed within the lighting department, including work on locally produced feature films and the 2019 ABC series The Heights.
• Several past students currently at various film-based Universities, with pathways to the film and television industry.
• 16 screened extras on the Australian feature film, Paper Planes, Directed by Robert Connolly, starring Sam Worthington and Ed Oxenbould
• Winner, Smarter than Smoking Young Directors' Festival four consecutive years 2011-2014 (30 second anti-smoking commercial)
• Official selection, 2014 Flickerfest (Flickerup Schools Category). Last Letter and Chained Freedom
• Winner, 2014 Armadale FilmFest (Schools Category). Last Letter
• Winner, 2013 Atwell Film Festival (Under-18 short film category). Last Letter
• 2013 ATOM Awards finalists, Last Letter
• 2015 Dairy Australia Advertisement 1st Place Winners


The Principal’s Honours Club:

Awards children from Pre-Primary to Year 10 who have achieved an (A-) average or better at the end of a semester in English, Maths, Science and HASS (English and Maths only for P-3) and no worse than a C grade in any subject.

This achievement by our students promotes academic excellence in the College.

  • In 2018 Semester 1, there were 51 students and in second semester, 84 students, with 41 achieving first class honours – that’s more than 10% of the student population achieving an (A-) average or better.
  • In 2017 Semester 2, there were 50 students, with 11 gaining first class honours for achieving the award in both semesters.
  • In 2017 Semester 1, there were 24 students across the school that achieved this award. That was 3% of the school population.

Some students were also recognised as achieving First Class Honours two years in a row which is a wonderful achievement.

Sporting Achievements:

Roleystone Community College continues to impress with the quality of sporting prowess amongst its students with a number of outstanding athletes and sporting superstars helping the College excel at District and Interschool competitions.

The Dale Districts Athletes Shield has been held by RCC since 2015, with the College also holding the DDSA Interschool Cross Country Championships for 5 years.

Netball is a specialist program at RCC, and our athletes continue to aspire to be the best at all aspects of the game and winning numerous competitions.

2019 Netball Lightning Carnivals for Yrs 8 and 9
• Yr 8 girls Won Division 2
• Yr 9 girls First in Pool 2
• Second in pool 3

2019 SSWA Netball High School Cup Yrs 7 to 10
• Two year 7/8 teams and one year 9/10 team competed in five back to back games against schools from all across the south region

In 2017 our Netball girls also claimed the West Coast Fever Cup.

In 2017 and 2016 two Year 8 teams and a Year 9 Netball team were victorious in the South East High School Sport Association’s Lightning Carnivals, held against schools within the "hills zone” - Darling Range Sports College, Lesmurdie SHS, Kalamunda SHS, Kent Street SHS, Belmont City College, Como Secondary College and Cannington Community College.

In 2010 RCC, as Roleystone District High School stamped its authority on the DDSA Winter Netball Carnival, winning three years in a row, and then taking the title back in 2014, 2017 and 2018.

When the College participated in the Country Week series of sports, as Roleystone District High School, it was successful in winning the 2016 Volleyball Championship.

Academic Achievements:

On Monday 31 July 2017 Principal Mark Brookes attended an afternoon tea hosted by Local Federal MP Andrew Hastie.  Three lucky students from RCC, Kieran Ireland, Jasmine Jeronimo and Mia Williams, also attended with Mr Brookes.

 At the event they got to meet the then Prime Minister of Australia Mr Malcolm Turnbull, who took part in an informal discussion with them around the topic, ‘The role we play in shaping Australia’s future.”

These students were able to take part in the once in a lifetime opportunity by winning a school based competition where they wrote an application with their thoughts on the topic.



Roleystone Community College has an app with many features. It is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices. The app can be downloaded at these links:

The app can be downloaded from both stores by searching for Roleystone Community College.

It is also very easy to customise the app so that you only receive the Announcements that are relevant to you.

This is how it is done!

Step 1: On the Home screen, tap "Settings"...

Roleystone School App


Step 2: Select the Announcments that are of interest to you and then tap "Save"...

Roleystone School App2


Also worth noting is that links that have the globe icon will take you to a website and data charges may apply.

Events, Newsletters, Forms and Documents can be viewed, downloaded and/or printed.

duke awardRoleystone Community College is proud to start presenting the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people: bringing together practical experiences and life skills to create committed global citizens and equipping young people for life and work.

The Award operates in over 140 countries around the world and to date, since 1956, over 8 million young people have started their Award.

The Award is:

• Open to all young people aged 13-24, regardless of their background and circumstances [currently offered to Year 9 and Year 10 students at Roleystone Community College as an Elective]

• About personal development: it is a non-competitive, enjoyable, voluntary and balanced program, which requires sustained effort over time

• A framework that enables young people to demonstrate self-development that is internationally recognised

• Comprised of three Award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold – each progressively more challenging

• Comprised of four Sections: Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey, and includes a Residential Project at Gold level.

The unique strengths of the Award:

• It can be used by any group or organisation working with young people. It offers youth agencies and organisations a way of gaining international accreditation for development activities with young people

• It is based on enduring principles and robust methodology, but is flexible enough to be used with any group of young people, whatever their needs

• It focuses not on external and universal standards, but on self-directed learning based on individual goals – any young person can take part and achieve their Award, whatever their starting point

For more information on enrolment and completion of the Award, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.